June 30, 2013

Here is a message from the founder of ‘Accessible Alderney’ Jane Aireton:
Accessible Alderney was formed earlier this year to make Alderney more accessible to everyone. The island suffers from the hills, high winds, narrow streets and the cobbles with which  the residents of Guernsey are very familiar. With an ageing population and no legislation to help us, we are struggling to redress the balance between non – disabled people and those who are trapped in their homes, hospital or residential home, by immobility.
Aindre Reece- Sheerin visited the island in June this year and met many of the carers, people affected, health professions and States members in a bid to make changes. He brought  hope, experience  and expertise in equal quantities. Immediately the hospital, library and airport allocated specific parking places. We have just heard that States money is to be made available for the first set of accessibility changes so we are cautiously optimistic. We would like to thank the GDA for their support and particularly Aindre for his invaluable input.

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