September 30, 2013

Earlier this year, Deputies Paul Le Pelley and Arrun Wilkie volunteered to assist Deputy John Gollop in his work as States’ Champion for Disabled People. A big advantage of their involvement comes from the fact that they both have a number of other roles, both within the States and their parishes. This month Deputy Wilkie was appointed as the Home Dept representative for the group that is guiding the implementation of the Mental Health & Wellbeing Strategy. Deputy Le Pelley is on the boards of both the Housing Dept and the Culture & Leisure Dept and has been appointed as both departments’ representative for the implementation of the Disability & Inclusion Strategy.
Important though these new posts are, the main role of John’s team is to help any individual disabled person, or family member, who would like the assistance of a deputy in raising a disability-related issue with the States or other organisation. If you would like their help, here are their contact details:
States’ Champion Deputy John Gollop
07781 144878
Assistant to the States’ Champion Deputy Arrun Wilkie
07781 106514
Assistant to the States’ Champion Deputy Paul Le Pelley
07781 146499

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