December 8, 2013

Deputy Kevin Stewart makes his way through the crowdNovember 27th 2013 marked a significant day in history for disabled islanders and carers.
It was the day that the States of Deliberation (Guernsey’s parliament) voted unanimously for the island’s first Disability and Inclusion Strategy.
As they approached the Royal Court building on the morning of the debate, States members were surprised to be greeted warmly and enthusiastically by a large crowd of disabled islanders, family members and supporters.  Many were holding up We All Matter, Eh? banners in response to the videos made by local disabled people that had been shared on social media throughout November.  Leading the celebrations was GFC Roary, famous mascot of Guernsey’s football team.
GFC Roary greets the Chief Minister
Inside the Royal Court, disabled people and carers packed the Visitors Gallery to watch the debate.  Four amendments to the original Strategy were presented and all passed unanimously, including a proposal by Deputies Elis Bebb and Kevin Stewart to increase the budget for the Strategy by £80,000.  Deputies gave speeches describing their own experience of disability and highlighting the ‘social deficit’ in Guernsey.  After the final unanimous vote, those in the Visitors Gallery stood to join deputies in applause.
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Saraj Whitchurch, wheelchair athete, waits for States members

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