February 9, 2016

The GDA is running a series of workshops to outline Disability Legislation. They are optional for all members and charity members.
Discussion 1 – an introduction
Purpose of the Discussion
• To introduce the concept of Disability Legislation in general
• To develop a shared understanding among GDA charity and group members of:
o Common features of Disability Legislation around the world, and
o Key differences between different countries’ Disability Laws.
• To act as preparation for a discussion about how Disability Legislation could or should work in Guernsey (if you are interested in learning more)
Discussion 2 – a step further
Purpose of the Discussion
Following on from discussion 1, we will explore how disability laws work in practice – when and why disabled people can use legislation, and what it means for employers, schools and businesses.
To view the discussions in more detail Click Here
To view the slides from the workshops Click Here

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