January 17, 2017

Following Policy & Resources decision not to introduce Gift Aid and Payroll Giving in last year’s budget for 2017, the AGC is currently discussing a further review of Gift Aid and Payroll Giving with the Third Sector Development Group, and many of the GDA’s charity members have contributed their views.  Details of Policy Council proposals should emerge towards the end of the first quarter of 2017.
The AGC’s view is that charity finances in the Bailiwick, generally, are so stretched that full, unrestricted Gift Aid and Payroll Giving is essential.  It also brings the Bailiwick in line with the regimes which have existed elsewhere for many years.
In other news, any charity members of the GDA who wish to submit applications for a Lottery Grant should do so before the end of January.  Application forms can be found here.
Finally, Peter Rose’s time as Chair of the AGC comes to an end at the next AGM in April and the AGC is looking for nominations to replace him.  Please pass on the names of people who might be interested in putting their name forward to chairman@charity.org.gg.

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