May 14, 2017

Saffery Rotary Walk – more accessible route – Saturday 3rd June
 You have either registered with me for the GDA accessible legs of the Saffery Rotary Walk, shown an interest or I hope you (your members) will this weekend.
As with last year, the Saffery committee have been great at ensuring disabled islanders are included. For many the whole walk is too far and the cliffs and other routes inaccessible to. We have 3 options for GDA members, carers and supporters as well as being accompanied by the Scouts again which is great.

  1. Start at Chouet
  2. Start at Bordeaux
  3. Start at Waitrose

We will aim finish at 3:30/45pm where we will be met by the media and a welcome party so please time your route to coincide with that time.
Media and social media coverage as you walk – as you may be aware ITV is generously supporting Access for All this year and will be covering the walk as an example of an inclusive community event, as well as a few of the inaccessible parts of the walk.
We may also have some volunteers who would like to shadow our walkers and the scouts to learn more about disability, access and various conditions. This is an excellent opportunity to get coverage for your charities, groups and raise understanding locally. Please let me know if you are happy to take part or if not as I will pair volunteers with people. It would be fantastic to have a wide range of disabilities and conditions take part so we can raise as much awareness as possible. So PLEASE do encourage your members, family or friends to take part in the accessible route.
Please note I am meeting with the Saffery Rotary Walk committee Monday 15th May 11am it would be great if you could please provide any questions you may have by Sunday night so I can address them all at once. The deadline for registrations is Friday 19th May, I am afraid I need to be strict on this as Simon Milsted (chair of the SRW) and I am inputting you all into the system manually and need to get T shirts and lanyards out to you beforehand. It would be great if I could have as many registrations by this Sunday as possible so I can give an indication of the support.
To find out more about the walk check out and also our blog
Please do drop me an email or call if you would like more information. If you wish to take part I need the following please:

  • Full Name
  • DOB for under 18’s
  • Contact email
  • Contact phone number
  • T shirt size (there are only Men’s small, medium, large and extra-large this year, no children’s or women’s)
  • Who you are walking with if you are under 18 or need a carer, aid/companion

I few people who wish to only do the last few legs, accidently registered through the main site, that is fine I can covert you to the GDA access route, I just need to registration number  please by Sunday.
If you are doing the whole walk or are a relay team please add (GDA) after your name or let me know your team name and number and I will get it edited. We are trying to get over 100 GDA members and supporters of disability involved (we are raising funds for all 28 charities) but it helps to promote the inclusive nature of the community event and the number of disabled islanders and supports locally, plus the diversity of us all.
Thank you, Karen Blanchford

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