June 5, 2017

The GDA encourages all its members to get involved in Health and Social Care (HSC) public workshops on providing new ways to deliver health and community services, this Thursday and Friday. If you cannot attend please email Info@disabilityalliance.org.gg so we can represent your views. Please share widely.
More information is on the States website at https://gov.gg/article/160293/Islanders-invited-to-help-shape-Health-and-Social-Care-in-the-Bailiwick
Islanders have been invited to get involved in a series of public events to look at new ways of providing Health and Social Care in the Bailiwick.
Over the last couple of weeks politicians, civil servants and healthcare professionals have met KPMG to begin to establish the guiding principles that will shape the future model for health and social care in the Islands.
KPMG was appointed to work with Health & Social Care (HSC) to develop a new model which will sustainably meet the Bailiwick’s future needs. So far more than 140 professionals have been interviewed across the health and social care sectors.
At the public events which will be held on Thursday 8 and Friday 9 June, Bailiwick residents will have the chance to give their views on:

  • patient-centred care;
  • delivering more care in the community where appropriate;
  • partnership & engagement;
  • treating mental health with equal consideration as physical health;
  • better use of technology; and,
  • prevention and early intervention

Deputy Heidi Soulsby, President HSC said:
“The work carried out over the last few weeks has been extremely useful in establishing the groundwork and consulting key experts. The main points for the development of the future model centre around rebalancing the health and social care system to prioritise prevention, early diagnosis and treatment as opposed to acute care.
We also need to provide clearer standardised care pathways so that Islanders know and understand what treatment is available to them and what they can expect from the health and social care system.
However, it is essential that we hear the views of the community so I am really keen for members of the public to sign up for these public events. Their engagement in this process will help us develop the future of health and social care in the Bailiwick.
In addition to the two workshops, we would like as many islanders as possible to come along to Beau Sejour between 9am and 5pm on Friday 9 June.  This is an open public drop-in giving people the chance to ask questions and contribute to the review of the guiding principles we are working towards.”
The workshops will take place on:

  • Thursday 8 June at 6pm, in the Cambridge Room at Beau Sejour; and
  • Friday 9 June at 12pm in the Harry Bound Room at Les Cotils.

To register for the workshops please email HSCTransformation@gov.gg or call 01481 725241 ext 4832.
The Public drop in will take place on Friday 9 June from 9am to 5pm, in the foyer at Beau Sejour and there is no need for advance registration.

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