September 7, 2017

Tuesday 12th September, 6:30pm, Cambridge & Delancey Rooms, Beau Sejour
Our next members meeting will focus on your thoughts on Health and Social Care (HSC) in Guernsey. We are have been asked to provide our feedback on how the services could be improved and what are the future priorities for you in relation to their services in relation to disability and carers. We will consider what works well, what challenges you have faced, what ideas you have for how things could be improved in the future.
To ensure the feedback is as comprehensive as possible we would like to ensure all of our members and groups are represented, as disability is so diverse and the service needs from Health and Social Care so wide ranging. It would be preferably to have a mix of individuals with personal experience and groups that can talk broadly on their areas of expertise. We will use round tables to gather the feedback. Members of CareWatch will be present to hear your thoughts first hand.
Roger Allsopp, HSC Board Member and Chair of CareWatch will open the meeting, explaining the role of CareWatch. Karen will then lead the focus group to draw out your comments and feedback.
Background on CareWatch
Earlier in the year the Committee for Health & Social Care (HSC) set up a group called CareWatch which is a community partnership comprising representatives of local groups and private individuals. The new forum looks at how health services in Guernsey work and how they can be improved.
Members of the CareWatch team will be present.
• Roger Allsopp, HSC Board Member, Chair
• David Inglis, Age Concern Representative
• Charlie Cox, Youth Commission
• Katherine Adam, Citizen’s Advice Representative
• Karen Blanchford, Guernsey Disability Alliance Representative
• Guernsey Youth Forum Representative together with Guernsey Youth Commission
• Anita Kilby
• Peter Neville
• Rick Lowe
• Tracey O’Neill
• Tanya Martinson
• Graham McInley, States of Alderney Representative
• Martin Gavet, Change and Performance Manager, HSC (non-voting) – apologies
Registration: register for our meeting please email or confirm your attendance on the Facebook event. If you are unable to make the meeting or send a representative please do provide your feedback by email to

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