September 23, 2017

Health Information Guernsey (HIG) has appointed a new CEO Bella Farrell.
Bella is an accredited Executive Coach specialising in Resilience and Systemic Team Coaching and looks forward to offering dynamic and transformative leadership to HIG and its wider stakeholder group. Bella has over 25years of experience working with people at their most vulnerable and resourceful.
She is also a trained general and “tropical” nurse and midwife. She became intrigued by what more could motivate providers of health and social care, whilst working across 3 London teaching Hospitals as their Quality Co ordinator and “Motivation”  then became the subject of her postgraduate dissertation when she studied for her Masters in Management of Health and Social care in London some years ago.
She is also the mother to 3 very lively teenagers and this amongst much more is her motivation for providing Health (in its broadest sense) Information to our Guernsey Community.
To welcome her and wish her well and most importantly to speak to her about how HIG can add value to what you do, contact her on

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