September 30, 2017

The We All Matter Eh? new campaign to encourage Guernsey to Think Differently about Disability is picking up momentum.

We have launched the background to the campaign, and shared information on the number of disabled islanders and
carers (which continues to shock the community) , the diversity of disability and the many barriers that we face to a full and inclusive part in the island community. We have presented to over 140 people, at a number of seminars and conference and started the drive in businesses, with the media and groups with over 25 meetings to share the message. Yesterday we launched our new brochure on the campaign which is attached. Please feel to share this online.
Next week we start to showcase the Change Cards and share our first member videos, this is followed by themed weeks which target support for different sectors: Building & Design, employers, cafes & restaurants, community groups and more, all finishing with celebrations on Friday 1stDecember when we highlight the key individuals, companies and groups that used our Change Cards to #MakeAChange
Please don’t forget to book a fundraising event for Friday 1st December. We need the funds to ensure we can continue to have our voice heard and change the way Guernsey ‘Thinks about Disability’
WAME brochure final

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