November 19, 2017

Lungevity is a non- profit volunteer run charity group which provides support to the people of Guernsey who suffer with any form of respiratory illness and also offers support and assistance to the carers and families of those affected. Lungevity was established in Guernsey in 2010. Formerly known as Breatheasy and affiliated with Breatheasy UK, it took the decision to focus on providing support solely to the people of Guernsey and changed its name to Lungevity. We are a small charity and not particularly well known, considering how commonplace respiratory illness is in our Island.
Our aim is to provide support to those affect with any form of respiratory illness ( of which there are many, Asthma, Bronchiectasis  COPD, Lung Cancer to name just a few) by providing frequent coffee mornings to enable those affected the opportunity to meet and discuss their condition and to provide a speaker on various subjects enabling them to engage in other matters and subjects. The Charity also purchases and provides specialist equipment for sufferers to use in the confines of their own homes such as cough assist machines, portable oxygen concentrators and nebulisers. Furthermore we assist in funding for individuals to attend complementary therapy and rehabilitation workshops to help alleviate their symptoms in order to enable them the opportunity to lead as normal life as possible within the confines of their condition.
Our statement is “Supporting Guernsey Lung Health” but our aim is far greater than that. Respiratory disease is the 2nd biggest killer globally after cardiovascular disease and its impact is as large today as it was at the turn of the century and is likely to continue. You don’t have to be a smoker to suffer with respiratory illness it affects many people across the spectrum. We can’t prevent respiratory illness but we hope that we can continue to support people in Guernsey who are affected by this debilitating condition and also help their families and carers who often need support too. 2018 is going to be a busy year for our Charity and we are currently re-designing and shall shortly be re-launching our website, and to re-launch our coffee mornings and events as well as promoting a greater public presence to the Island. We are supported by some excellent respiratory professionals who work closely with us. Our link to these individuals is essential to enable us to identity how and where we can help. We are a small group and always on the look out for any volunteers who want to become involved and help out in any way that they can”
Our website is still live but will shortly be taken down for maintenance prior to its re-launch. Consequently many of the contact details on the website are no longer valid so if anybody gets in contact with you at the GDA looking to get in touch with us than please feel free to give them my details and either I or one of the members of the group will get in touch with them.
Dominic McCarthy
on behalf of Lungevity

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