June 13, 2018

EJ Blight Trophy

Last year the EJ Blight Trophy was presented for the first time since the 1980’s. Attached is the story of EJ Blight who fought during World War 1 until his death in action in March 1917. His experience, like so many who fought in World war 1, epitomises the quality of resilience – a characteristic which is so important for young people today. Last year we relaunched the trophy by looking for examples of modern-day resilience so that a young person or youth organisation could be presented with the trophy in memory of EJ Blight.
Last year’s worthy winner was  Andrew Sirett, a student at the Guernsey College of Further Education. Andrew was selected from a shortlist of ten local students, all of whom had stories of overcoming hardship and difficulties.
Previously a student at Les Voies school, Andrew had struggled with low attendance and coping with elective mutism, autism and social anxiety. His time at Les Voies School helped him to control his emotions and strive to complete his academic work. He has also become a competent swimmer, despite being afraid of the water, and has completed three work placements, overcoming his anxieties to mix in diverse working environments.
We are looking for nominations again for 2018. Details are enclosed.
Please can we receive any nominations by Wednesday 27th June.
Below are details of how to apply
Please do contact me for more information.
Alun Williams – alun.williams@gov.gg
The selection panel will include Alun Williams, Epic Challenges Founder Warren Mauger and Emotional Health And Wellbeing youth worker, Grace Lindsay who is pictured handing over the trophy to Andrew last year (with proud mum, Nikki, looking on)

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