July 30, 2018

The Community Foundation exists to promote a vibrant, effective third sector on the island. As such, we are currently exploring options to offer some training sessions to charities later on this year.
The training would be delivered by professionals over a few weekly sessions and would cover the following broad topics: 
1). Accounting Software and online bookkeeping for charities
2). Social Media.
To deliver the best training possible we need your views!
We realise that these are quite broad topics and so, in order to provide what the sector requires, we would like to get your thoughts on what type of training you’d like to see within those topics.
For example, a social media session could focus on creating a media calendar, how to track and evaluate your output and how to think about creating engaging content which is relevant for your audiences. Accounting software training could feature how to acquire and implement programmes such as Xero, to streamline your accounting efforts, or address any other queries that you may have.
We are looking to collect feedback from charities on this so we can create the best training programme we can.
With that in mind, we would be most grateful if any representatives of local charities could please contact the Foundation at will@foundation.gganswering the following questions:
  1. What topics would you like training on accounting software and online booking keeping to address?
  2. What topics would you like training on social media to address?
  3. Are there are other topics for training that would be of particular use to you and why?
Any feedback would be most appreciated. Replies will be made anonymous before they are passed on to any training providers.
For further information please contact Will on will@foundation.ggor call 748056

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