May 21, 2019

The Committee for ESC and Andrew Warren met with GDA representatives Rob Harnish and Catherine Hall.

The GDA concerns regarding the development of the two school model and the lack of any prior consultation were put to the meeting and its was agreed by ESC that it might have been better to consult before this stage.

ESC explained that there were two separate work streams. 

  1. planning for he infrastructure for the new school 
  2. Reviewing special education needs and disability (SEND) provision as part of a wider review of the Education Law

The review of SEND is scheduled for late spring and ESC have agreed that this will involve consultation. No detail of what form he consultation will take has as yet been provided.

The GDA expressed concern that plans for the two school sites should not be finalised until such consultation had taken place. ESC however are of the opinion that the facilities will be sufficiently flexible to accommodate any changes to SEND provision. They have proposed a meeting between GDA and the Director of Eduction and the Executive Head of the new school to better inform the GDA about the planned facilities. 

We have not yet been given a date for this proposed meeting.

When the one school model was approved by The States, ESC were also directed to develop an overall behaviour management policy and a policy as to how the needs of the most able pupils would be supported.

Both these policy directives have now been developed and published. Both do have do have implications for children with SEND, unfortunately neither policy make any specific reference to SEND. This is of particular concern in the case of the behaviour management policy.

It is hoped that it will be possible to rectify these omissions following the review of SEND provision.

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