November 5, 2019

Purple Tuesday, which takes place on Tuesday 12th November, is an international call to action focused on changing the customer experience for people with disability. It is a celebration of the purple pound, the spending power of disabled people and their families which is estimated to be worth £249 billion in the UK.

Delivering a good customer experience is in the DNA of most, if not all, organisations and the aim of Purple Tuesday is to make customer facing businesses more aware of these opportunities and to challenge and inspire them to make practical changes to improve that customer experience for people with disability and their families.

Implementing the changes needed for disabled customers is often perceived to have a large price tag but there are many ways a business can do this for little to no cost and still provide a positive customer experience. All it takes is a commitment to becoming more accessible and in return business can open its doors to a wider audience.

This year We All Matter, Eh? and Digital Greenhouse are partnering to offer:

Customer Service training by appointment (contact

Find out more at the local Purple Tuesday page on the We All Matter, Eh? website

Or register for the free Purple Tuesday resources, which include guides on:

  1. Customer Service
  2. Web Accessibility
  3. Site Accessibility

at the UK Purple Tuesday website 

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