April 27, 2020

Please find below the announcement from Employment and Social Secuirty (ESS)

Change in the law will allow more carers to receive carer’s allowance

A recent change in the Law will allow carer’s allowance to be received by a carer at the same time as any benefit under the Social Insurance Law.

Carer’s allowance is a benefit available to a person who is providing a high level of care for someone who’s receiving severe disability benefit. Until the recent Law change, a person providing care to someone receiving severe disability benefit was not entitled to receive carer’s allowance at the same time as receiving some of the other social security benefits. This ‘overlapping benefit’ rule applied mainly in cases where a person receiving carer’s allowance made a claim for sickness benefit. It also applied if a person receiving carer’s allowance made a claim for unemployment benefit or one of the parental benefits.

Following States approval in October 2018, the Law has now been changed to remove this ‘overlapping benefit’ rule. This means that carers of people receiving severe disability benefit can now receive carer’s allowance while also receiving sickness benefit, unemployment benefit or a parental benefit.

Deputy Michelle Le Clerc, President of the Committee for Employment & Social Security, said:

“This change will improve the financial position of carers who are normally in paid employment if they’re unable to work for a period of time due to sickness, unemployment or maternity leave. This change has been called for by carers for some time who’ve pointed out that they still have to provide care for their loved one while they’re unemployed, on maternity or sick leave – unless, of course, they’re very unwell indeed. We’re pleased to announce that all the necessary legal and systems changes have now been made so carer’s allowance can be paid to carers at the same time as any benefit under the Social Insurance Law.

We’re continuing to process new benefit claims during the COVID-19 crisis so I would encourage any carers who think they may benefit from this change in the rules to get in touch with us by calling 01481 732516. Claims may take a little longer than normal to process, but if you’re eligible we’ll backdate the benefit payment to the date you made your claim.”

ESS media release on Carers Allowance law changes

Media Release – Carers Allowance Law Change – 24-04-20

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