December 3, 2020

Education update at the GDA AGM by Catherine Hall


Education update
  • Impact of Covid.
  • Special Educational Needs and Disability ( SEND ) Review.
  • Secondary education ‘ pause and review’
  • Education law review

Impact of lockdown on individuals with SEND variable depending on individual circumstances.

Schools remained open to provide education and support.

GCFE closed so more challenging for some students with SEND

Negative effects:

Increased number of children and young people with anxiety issues.

Positive effects:

More flexible and home based approach beneficial for some individuals.

Special Educational Needs and Disability ( SEND ) review.

This is an independent review being carried out by the National Association for Special Educational Needs (NASEN). – a charitable organisation that supports education practitioners by providing continuing professional development, advice and information to enable staff to meet the needs of all pupils including those with learning differences.

This review was delayed by COVID and is currently ongoing.

Much of the  work so far has had to take place virtually.

School visits will need to form part of the review and it is hoped  that these will take place early next year so that the review can be completed and report back in the spring.

Secondary education ‘ pause and review’.

This review is on ongoing and is comparing various models of delivering secondary education.

The uncertainty about secondary school provision has caused some individual concerns about transition plans for children with SEND. However it does offer the possibility of the SEND review informing final decisions.

Education Law Review.

The review was completed earlier this year. However the findings  of both the SEND and Secondary Reviews will presumably inform any changes to the law.

Addressing discrimination in education may be included as part of the Education Law rather than via the same route as goods and services and employment under new Equality law.

Education Reviews

There have been three major projects that Education has been working on in 2020 relevant to the GDA and its members. Reports on all three are eagerly anticipated for release in 2021. These are:

  1. Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Review
  2. Review of Education Legislation
  3. Pause and Review (model for secondary education)

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