August 10, 2021


The Committee for Health & Social Care (HSC) is inviting comments on the draft of The Capacity (Lasting Powers of Attorney) (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Ordinance, 2021. The GDA has been asked for its comments on the draft legislation.

See letter from HSC to the GDA by clicking below:

2021-08 Capacity Law Consultation Letter LPAs draft Ordinance – GDA (002)

See the draft Ordinance by clicking below:

The Capacity (Lasting Powers of Attorney) draft Ordinance 2021

If you want to look at the States website for the consultation click on the button below:

States Website Read More…


The draft Ordinance is a technical document so if anyone would like further explanation please let Carol Le Page know by emailing her at  and we will see if the experts can come in for a meeting to explain the proposals.

The closing date for the consultation responses submitted directly to HSC is 24th September.

The GDA will be making representation and if you would like to submit any comments for inclusion into the GDA’s response please email them to Carol at by Friday 17th September so that she has time to draft the response.

Capacity Legislation and Lasting Powers of Attorney

For more information on  lasting powers of attorney and the capacity legislation click on the button below:

Lasting Powers of Attorney

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