In 2017 we ran our 1st Accessible Activities campaign which highlighted all the accessible sports on the island through our directory (ranging from seated yoga, to swimming to accessible paragliding!) as well as providing inclusion tips for clubs and groups. You can view the sports directory and resources on our page ‘Accessible Activities 2017’.


We want to bring down barriers for disabled islanders taking a full and active part in society. In this campaign we focus on sport and leisure activities, to increase access and choice, to raise awareness, acceptance and increase participation. This in turn will increase physical and mental wellbeing.


  • Raise awareness of all the opportunities available to islanders with disabilities
  • Increase participation in sports and activities
  • Empower clubs to be more accessible (physical access, customer service, information and communication), allow them to make reasonable adjustments (changes) that could increase participation

Through this campaign.

  • Increase GDA membership of groups and members not currently well represented
  • Increase membership of these groups and clubs and potential sponsorship / funding opportunities for them
  • Increase physical and mental wellbeing by taking part and being a team
  • Increased exposure for clubs and possible fundraising opportunities