In 2017 we ran our 1st Accessible Activities campaign which highlighted all the accessible sports on the island through our directory. In 2019 our Accessible Activities project will focus on children and arts and is generously sponsored by Butterfield.


Tuesday 2nd July saw our first “Mini Olympics” with all parts of this lets Go Mobility participating in games/activities designed by St Martins Pupils and assisted by the Activity Coaches and Year 5 Staff from the school. The Guernsey Mobility, Lets Go team (GMLG) run their club every Tuesday 1-2pm partnering with the school and rotating classes to give the children the opportunity to take part in sporting events with disabled members. The rapport built between the children and adults is fantastic, it doesn’t take them long to look past the perceived disability and get to know the people. The video shows this beautifully – Link to video

St Martins School Head, Mrs Mason is as excited as the pupils and “Lets Go” mobility group who are taking part, there will be a lot of preparation going on over the next few months by the years 5 pupils.


We were excited to partner with The Cheshire Dramatic Arts Academy on a number of accessible drama projects. Providing members and children with disabilities to take ab active part in drama lessons and performances during 2019.


Partnering with School of Popular Music and Julia Jager to deliver inclusive music sessions with Le Rondin school.

“Music is powerful. Music is versatile. It can connect each and every one of us yet affects us all uniquely. It has the ability to change our mood, express our deepest emotions and challenge our minds. It can provoke a memory or offer a place to escape.  I believe that music is a vital part of our lives and education and am passionate about ensuring that it is available and accessible to everyone. I am delighted to be working with School of Popular Music to deliver this exciting music programme”.