Patient charges:

It is becoming increasingly apparent that we are being charged to access a wider variety of health services. We recently discovered that a 25% uplift or markup will be applied to your invoice should you chose to go “private” whether that is via a personal health insurance policy of whether you self-fund a treatment. HSC also recently announced it would be charging cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy a treatment fee of up to £380 to access the Emergency Department outside of the oncology units limited opening hours. This is another disappointing and unnecessary cut in services to a vulnerable group of patients.

We are deeply concerned that HSC appear to be introducing a model of healthcare that favours the ‘better off’ (financially), and acts as a deterrent to the less well off.

Please take a moment to read the petition below, consider signing it and or share it, if you feel able.

Many thanks

Mike Read

Health Representative for GDA

Cancer patients who require A&E treatment overnight or at weekends in Guernsey will now be charged for their care.

Previously, patients needing care when the Bulstrode Oncology Unit was closed were treated free of charge at the A&E Department.

Now, cancer patients will be charged when receiving care at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital – bringing charges in line for all patients.

This is absolutely disgraceful to put more worry onto patients who will now have a financial pressure to afford essential medical treatment when it could be needed most.

Seriously ill people do not deserve any more worry or pressure inflicted upon them on top of what they are going through!

This decision needs to be reversed and if not could result in seriously ill people being reluctant to seek urgent medical assistance fearing the associated costs