Election2020 – Voting

The votes have all been counted now and we have lots of new deputies and a few familiar faces. For all the election results go to election2020.gg . Congratulations to those who were successful and commiserations to those who were not. We look forward to working with all the States members over the next term.

There was a good turn out of 80%.

Election2020 – getting to know your Deputies

You can still see what the Deputies that have been elected had in their manefestos by reading the book which was delievered to all households before the election. Alternatively you can also see a short video and read about them on line at https://election2020.gg/candidates/browse/.

You can see their answers to the public questions here

There is also a good list of questions (CV) on the Electoral Support Group here

You can listen back to candidates on BBC radio – each day from 8:30am and 9am

Thank you to everyone who hosted a table or helped us co-ordinate the GDA speed hustings on the 16th September. We have had lots of feedback from candidates which we will be sharing with members. We have also had feedback which will help us to make future events more accessible, with some glitches ironed out. We would welcome any further feedback as to what you thought went well, or what could be improved for future events. Please email info@disabilityalliance.org.gg.

With such a large field of candidates it was impressive to get 91 of them to the hustings and even more impressive that we had 108 volunteers attending to provide information and ask questions of the candidates! It was an opportunity to let prospective States members know what it is like to live with a disability in Guernsey, what issues you have as a carer or how your organisation supports Islanders. We have asked the candidates to give us their top three takeaways from the event which we are currently putting together as a report. We will be asking members to look at this to provide the top 5 issues for the GDA to focus on over the next States term.