What is the Government Work Plan?

The Government Work Plan will set the direction for the political term and will capture all government work in one place.

  • The States agreed that the main priorities of the Plan are:
    • responding to the COVID-19 pandemic;
    • managing the effects of Brexit;
    • delivering the recovery actions; and
    • right-sizing government.
  • The Plan will also include Public Service Reform and capital projects.

GWP 2nd policy letter – July 2021

  • The second policy letter was submitted to the States of Deliberation in June 2021, before being debated at a Special Meeting on 21st July 2021. This policy letter will include:
    • commentary on the resource commitments and allocation for each of the four priorities of government;
    • the measures and targets, and anticipated timeframes for delivery, as far as can be determined; and
    • the scheduling of the recovery actions, revised as necessary to reflect resource availability;
  • Public Service Reform and capital projects will be considered in the second policy letter.
  • If this second policy letter is approved by the States, the Plan will then be implemented and progress will be reported on. The Plan will be reviewed annually and changes to the phasing of recovery actions will be considered.

Why is it important for the Disability and Inclusion strategy?

The key project of the Disability and Inclusion strategy is the anti discrimination legislation (ordinance). The revised policy letter was unanimously approved in July 2020.

The Discrimination Legislation project currently fullfils P&R criteria for prioritisation:

  • The financial resource is budgeted
  • The technical resource if allocated and the ordinance is currently being drafted by the law officers (more than 50% progressed)
  • The project is live (has been started)

With a new assembly and conversations around the financial resourcing of the island – ALL projects will be reviewed about as part of the GWP. This is why the debate on the 21st July 2021 is so important for all projects.

What are our GWP concerns?