Change is Coming ….

July 17th 2020 the proposals for the Discrimination Ordinance were unanimously passed. Now the focus is on getting the law written and enacted. Work in 2021 and 2022 will concentrate on the drafting of the first phase of the proposals.

Karen Blanchford said “After waiting and working towards this moment for over 13 years the GDA was happy to see all the States Deputies vote unanimously for this important piece of legislation to be written. We are ecstatic to be able to celebrate but know this is not the end, but the beginning of the drafting process, which we want to keep on track.”

Carol Le Page joined the GDA at the beginning of this milestone week. “It is great to join an organisation with such enthusiasm of its members which can clearly be seen on the steps of the States. It has been a frustratingly long time for the GDA members for this next step to be taken towards the States recognising and protecting the human rights of persons affected by disability. We will keep the pressure on and  make sure that the next steps are taken so the full protection of legislation will be provided as soon as possible.”

We All Matter, Eh will focus on partnerships with the businesses, third sector, government and community to raise awareness and change attitudes. This will be led by Karen and Carol will lead on all Social Policy matters particularly focussing on legislation and the UN Convention.

The grounds of sexual orientation and religion/beliefs have been brought forward to the first phase of the legislation and will be an important indication of how the new States assembly are thinking, when more detailed proposals are put to it in early 2021. We will be in the States to see how this debate goes!