Deadline: 28th February 2022

Technical Draft of the Prevention of Discrimination Ordinance

The Committee for Employment & Social Security’s draft Prevention of Discrimination (Guernsey) Ordinance was sent out for consultation and made publicly available.

You can see this draft by clicking here.

The contents of the draft Ordinance should have contained no surprises as the Law Officers drafted it to comply with the policy instructions approved by the
States, in accordance with usual practice.

The GDA’s role was to check that this was the case and to clarify any positions where the GDA felt there were any differences between what had previously been agreed by the States and what was in the draft ordinance.

The GDA provided a response to the draft. Please email Carol Le Page at if you would like any further information on the GDA’s response.

Cartoon of different people seated around a table for a meeting


18th February 2022 Drop in from 10:00 - 16:00 on the draft ordinance.

At the Reading Room Les Cotils.

For members and other interested parties.