In Guernsey we observed IDPwD on Tuesday 3rd December 2019. The theme was The Future is Accessible

What are international days?

“International days are occasions to educate the public on issues of concern, to mobilise political will and resources to address global problems, and to celebrate and reinforce achievements of humanity. The existence of international days predates the establishment of the United Nations, but the UN has embraced them as a powerful advocacy tool”. (UN)

“The annual observance of the International Day of Disabled Persons was proclaimed in 1992 by United Nations General Assembly resolution 47/3. It aims to promote the rights and well-being of persons with disabilities in all spheres of society and development, and to increase awareness of the situation of persons with disabilities in every aspect of political, social, economic and cultural life”. (UN)


2019 IDPWD focuses on “The Future is Accessible” https://idpwd.org

“THE FUTURE IS ACCESSIBLE means that we must all, together, look towards a future where the barriers which stand in people’s way no longer exist.  We envisage a future where people can access a building without using stairs; where a person can access a ramp to the beach; or can get a job without fear of discrimination; or can access a mainstream classroom.

Working towards an accessible future is everyone’s responsibility.  With us, create a future which demands that people are not excluded.  Call out barriers wherever you see them, and work with us to overcome them.”

Accessible Activities – Let’s Go Mobility 1-2pm Beau Sejour 

  • We will be in the hall Beau Sejour 1-2pm with the Lets Go Mobility team and St Martins school
  • You can see more on our website and  Video