Update Reports

The Disability and Inclusion Strategy is a major piece of work that will help anyone affected by disability to have protection against discrimination, improved access to work, education, goods and services, have improved protection through capacity legislation, have improved services and much more!

Reports are provided on a regular basis to inform everyone how the work on the strategy is progressing. These are called highlight reports and come in an easy read version as well as the more technical version.

Both reports can be found on the Signpost website, which also has lots of other useful information for anyone affected by disability locally, but are also provided below.

Easy Read Reports

Easy read is a way of making anything written easier to understand.

Easy read uses:

  • Simple text
  • Pictures
  • Space
  • Explanations
The cover of Easy Read Highlight report 42 for October 2023 for the Disability and Inclusion Programme

The most recent easy read report is the 42nd  report.

All reports, past and current, are available here on Signpost.gg . Signpost has lots of other useful information too.

All versions of easy read reports or news in brief can be found  here on Signpost.gg  .

Highlight Reports

The most recent highlight report is the 42nd highlight report.